The  uDrink  is the best drink holder for people with disabilities

The uDrink is the best drink holder for people with disabilities

uAdapt believes in empowering people with disabilities to live more fully and independently through the use of our simple, innovative, highly effective, adaptive equipment.  Our company was born out of necessity and ingenuity. Founded by life long friends and University of Michigan classmates - Brent Baribeau and Luke Westra.  At it’s most simple and somewhat hilarious roots, uAdapt began at a college party at UofM following Brent’s spinal cord injury when he needed help to drink his beer though a straw. When Luke (an engineering student) emphatically declared that “No man should drink beer through a straw” and Brent subsequently nodded his head in agreement – the duo unknowingly began a unique  journey to create the uDrink.  That solution in the uDrink grew into a desire to solve more problems and  share the solutions that have now helped thousands of uAdapt product users around the world.

The uDrink Is Retail & Facility Ready


The uDrink is a retail ready product that can be stocked and sold at any retail outlet visited by people with disabilities. We also work with hospitals, medical device vendors and other facilities to customize larger orders and to provide quantity price discounts.  

If your business, or the business of someone you know might be interested in selling or stocking the uDrink, please contact us at or at 970-UADAPT-1