Brent Baribeau - Co-Founder of uAdapt

As a co-founder of uAdapt, I’m glad you’re visiting our website – we’re happy to have you here. The idea behind this testimonials page is to showcase real users of our products – letting them tell their own stories of how products like the uDrink, the uHandle and the Quick Cage have helped to increase their independence and change their lives. As the original user and co-creator of the uDrink, I wanted to add my testimonial first……..

About Me
I am a C5/6 complete quadriplegic due to a spinal cord injury that I sustained in the Summer of 1998 - years ago as a 19 year old. My disability has left me with bicep function, but no function in my triceps. Overall I’d say that I have pretty decent movement and strength in my arms. However, I cannot move my hands or fingers at all, and I have no grip strength. Over the years I tried out more than a few ways to hold and drink beverages independently, after all, it’s important to stay hydrated to stay in good health. I’ve tried having hydration backpacks attached to the back of my wheelchair, but I didn’t like the awkwardness of drinking through a tube and the way it added more equipment to my life. I also tried using a very expensive custom made tenodesis splint to help me hold and drink from a cup, but it was very difficult to use independently and I couldn’t push my wheelchair well with it on my hand. I felt like I was destined to drink things from a straw and to always need help from others. All that I wanted was a solution that felt more natural and was simple to use. I finally found that in the uDrink.

uDrink on water bottle & QuickCage on wheelchair

How the uDrink has Helped Me
I use the uDrink every single day in a variety of different ways. I keep a uDrink around a water bottle that stays with me all day as I have a QuickCage water bottle holder attached to my wheelchair. I also keep an extra uDrink in my backpack to use around beverages that I may encounter throughout the day, like if I meet up with a buddy for an after work happy hour and I get him to help me put the uDrink around a pint glass. At home, I keep a uDrink set up around beverages in my refrigerator, so that when I get home I can be independent in getting something to drink. Finally, I keep a uDrink around a bottle of mouthwash in my bathroom, so I can easily rinse my mouth when I’m done brushing my teeth before I go to bed. For me, the uDrink provides great independence and versatility. When I am drinking from something using my uDrink – it feels natural. It seems like I’m always finding some new way that the uDrink can help me gain independence.

My friend Luke helped me to develop and refine the uDrink after witnessing first hand the challenges posed by my disability.  We started uAdapt together so that we can bring the life changing independence of the uDrink to others. I hope you’ll be the next one to share your testimonial with us. Thanks for reading about my experience – We look forward to reading about yours.

-Brent Baribeau
Co-Founder of uAdapt

Matt from Colorado

"I am a C3-C5 quad. I was shot in the right side of the neck while on patrol in Iraq. I am paralyzed from the chest down with only the use of my left arm. I was an Infantryman in the Army for 7 years, and after my injury it was hard to ask people for help all the time. I recently purchased a uDrink and I absolutely love it! It is the best drink holder on the market. It has increased my independence, because now people don't have to hold my drink for me or help me drink it. I carry one everywhere I go!"

Jim from The United Kingdom

I received my uDrink today. It is absolutely perfect for me. I was able to use it straight away without any practice. So I've drunk my first pint of water and glass of wine for seven years! (without a straw or someone holding it to my mouth). Up til now I've mainly been drinking with straws which is irritating, awkward, sometimes embarrassing and not pleasant for a number of reasons- particularly the wine! I will definitely recommend it to my friends and I'm sure I will be ordering more in the future when I lose mine.

Chris from California

"I recently purchased one of your uDrink holders and it works fantastic for me"

Katy from Pennsylvania

"Hi there, I have been meaning to write to you for a while now. Last summer, a month after my father retired, he fractured his neck which left him paralyzed from the chest down w/ limited use of his arms and no use of his hands. My father was/is a VERY hardworking man and father of 5. We were all so devastated that he was not going to have the retirement that he so very much deserved. What a change this was to his life and to ours. Our father who once was very active, involved in our lives and super handy around the house couldn't even do the simple things that we take for granted, things like feeding himself or holding a cup. I happened to come across your website while shopping for a Father's Day present for him. I purchased the uDrink for him and to be honest, when I opened it for him, he looked a little hesitant and politely thanked me. haha.  A few days later, my Mother called me very excited and told me that my Dad used the uDrink and can now use his "favorite cup" that he used before his accident. We were near tears that my Father got a little part of his life so simple before his accident, and now simple again. My Dad regained a bit of his independence that day, and it was because of you and your mission to create and make the products available to us. Thank you so much, I truly mean that from my heart!!! My Dad loves his uDrink, it is comfortable and easy for him to use. He uses it at home and also takes it out to restaurants and when visiting family/friends. This is a WONDERFUL product, one that was a GREAT gift to my Father. I can't thank you enough :)"

Marquesa from California

I did purchase the uDrink cup holder back in March. It is the best thing on the market for a person with a spinal cord injury. My son is not able to move or feel his hands and has little arm movement, however now he can drink on his own. The water bottle can only have about 2-3oz of fluid in order for it not to be to heavy and he can only lift it up maybe three times to have a drink. We really thank you for giving him back a small piece of independence back. 

David from Virginia

I purchased the uDrink for my dad who is a quad.  He has arm movement but no finger dexterity.  This allows him to hold cups with one hand instead of having to struggle and use both.

Mandy from Colorado

My OT at Craig Hospital ordered a QuickCage for me when I was an inpatient and I fell in love with it immediately. Unfortunately, I didn't know the name of the product or the company it came from, so after mine broke my mom rigged it onto my chair with about 3 feet of Velcro. lol

I finally found you guys as I browsed through the Reeve Foundation holiday gift guide and was so happy. I'm a C6/C7, just passed my two year mark, and seem to spend half my time coming up with creative ways to do the simplest, most basic things (of course, you know how this goes). I've got my sights set on the uDrink next. When I first started rehab, I was giving an adapted cup to try so I could drink without assistance. It was about 4 inches tall, and red with white stripes. It looked like a $@#% sippy cup. I used it exactly once and then forced myself to learn to hold a regular cup using both hands.

The uDrink caught my interest because it can be used with regular bottles and cups (and pint glasses!). We are disabled, not children. I can't wait to try this product, and I have already passed your website along to my Craig friends. I hope to be able to develop my own ideas for quad inventions one day, and people like you inspire me so much!

Jim from Oregon

My son uses the uDrink as a cuff for the shower handle in our shower and the one he has at school. It works great!