Discover the QuickCage water bottle holder

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At uAdapt, our mission is to create innovative adaptive equipment to help people with disabilities thrive. However, if we see a product that has already been created that furthers our mission – we’ll bring it to you. That’s why we offer the QuickCage water bottle holder made by Twofish Unlimited. We think it is the best and most versatile water bottle holder for people with disabilities.  The QuickCage can attach easily to multiple places on any wheelchair, walker or crutch to keep a water bottle or other beverage conveniently within reach. The QuickCage is built with a vinyl coated bendable steel cage that can accommodate different sized bottles and containers.  The vinyl coating is ideal for stainless steel bottles and helps other containers stay in place when rolling places in a wheelchair.  People with disabilities can greatly increase their independence by combining the QuickCage with a uDrink on their beverage container of choice.